Welcome to Camp & Carpool


All confirmed campers will receive a Welcome Packet the week of May 22, 2017.  This packet will have information reminders, nametags, room assignments, and your carpool tag.







Your camper has been assigned a carpool number.  This number allows our staff to recognize you as a camp parent and appropriately get your camper unloaded and loaded during carpool.  Your carpool tag must clearly be displayed when entering the parking deck.  Always hang your carpool tag from your rearview mirror.  Keep it displayed during the entire carpool process.




Children are unloaded and loaded from the driver’s side back door only but not over the driver and not through the driver’s door.  We cannot unload or load any children from the rear end of the car (station wagon, hatchback, or utility vehicle).




You must notify the camp director no later than 11am the day of with any carpool changes.  Notification must be made by email to, riseandshine@northsideumc.org subject line as CARPOOL CHANGE.  Please include the name of the person authorized to pick up your child.  For your child’s protection, we will not put him/her in a car without a camp carpool tag.




The safety of your children is a priority; therefore, please be aware of the following additional requirements:





  1. Camper’s in Rooms C, D, E, F, G & H must be dropped off in morning carpool.
  2. Carpool line forms from Kingswood Lane into the parking deck.  (See map)
  3.  A camp representative will be available to unload your camper from the driver’s side only.
  4. You should drop off all carpool participants before walking younger siblings in.
  5. Do not use cell phones (talking, texting, emailing) while in the carpool line.
  6. Do not allow your child to stand up through sun-roofs or hang out open windows while in carpool line.





If you arrive after 9:05am, you must park in the parking deck and walk your child in.  Each camp class will have a rotation schedule outside their door to inform you of their current location.






  1. Carpool Tags MUST be visible upon entering the parking deck.  We call your child’s CP number as you enter.
  2. Top speed for entering and traveling through the parking deck is 5 MPH.
  3. Carpool line forms from Kingswood Lane into the parking deck.  (See map)
  4.  A camp representative will be available to load your camper from the driver’s side only.
  5. Cars will continue moving through the line and up the hill near the Chapel to buckle children.
  6. All cars MUST follow directions of carpool process for it to run smoothly. (See map)
  7. Please do not leave children unattended in car.
  8. If you have multiple children attending various camps, you will be asked to circle around the carpool line until your child’s camp is ready for pick up.
  9. Rise & Shine carpool will begin promptly at 12:45pm.





Rise & Shine carpool ends at 1:00pm.  A late fee of $15 will be due upon arrival for late pick up.  Camper’s whose parents are late, after 1pm,  may pick their child up in the Children’s Ministries Lobby.





If you need to pick up your child BEFORE carpool, you will need to park in the parking deck and walk in before 12:40pm.  We will not dismiss any camper to a guardian after 12:40pm unless it is through the carpool line.

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